Thank you

and a special thanks to:

Sent boxes of new dance wear and sent new toe shoes to our partners at Orlando Ballet and Texas Ballet care of Donate2Dance
Costumes, leotards, tutus dancewear, tights, dance bags, leg warmers and crowns.
BLOCH generously donated 200 pairs of dance tights.
Over 100 pairs of dance shoes and hundreds of leotards and costumes.
Hundreds of new leotards, and a giant box of new tap shoes and ballet slippers
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings donated 223 pounds of dance shoes, & tights
The cast of Broadway show Anastasia
Donated a big bag of her daughter’s dancewear
Ballet pointe shoes from Tiler Peck, principal with the New York City Ballet.
Terez generously donated over 75 pairs of new leggings and tank tops.
LeSportsac graciously donated 100 beautiful dance bags.
Two gigantic boxes of sweatshirts, Leggings, leotards, dance bags, socks , sports bras, accessories
Body Wrappers donated a mix of 50 new dance costumes and leotards.
Bastar makeup donated a generous amount of makeup.
The dance community at BAE.
The dance community at Shuffles Tap NYC.
The dance community at MMAC.
On Stage Dancewear generously donated 100 pairs of new ballet slippers.
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50 pairs of dance shoes
Collected and donated 500 pairs of NEW ballet shoes and 35 NEW leotards.
Main Street Theatre and Dance Alliance donated
Thank you Troop 96028
Fama Shoe Repair generously donated 50 pairs of new tap and jazz shoes.
A life-long dancer generously donated 10 bags filled with costumes and dance shoes.
A dedicated, young dancer who donated 25 costumes and tap shoes.
Lifelong dancer, now with the DanceWorks NYC, donated her tap and jazz shoes.
Sisters who generously donated over 100 costumes and dance accessories
2 big bins of new and barely worn toe shoes and dancewear
Her BatMitzvah collection shipped us 99 pounds of donations
Donated 50 pairs of new Bloch ballet slippers.
A giant box of new costumes!
WOW Workout Wear sent boxes of new dance shoes, tights and dancewear
Two boxes of new dance wear and dance shoes
Collected over 100 costumes and shipped them directly to NY Edge
Troop #23948 in Chesterfield, NJ Collected over 200 lbs of costumes
Donated over 100 costumes and shoes to PS 157 in Brooklyn.
Three boxes of costumes and dance wear
Big box of tap shoes and costumes
Costumes, dancewear, dance shoes, activewear
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