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To date, over 60,000 DANCERS have been helped by Donate2Dance.

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We believe that every child deserves the chance to dance. With that in mind, we created Donate2Dance in February 2018 with the mission of collecting gently worn dance shoes, costumes and dancewear to donate to dance schools in need across the country. So far, we have partnered with over 250 dance programs that serve inner city children and those with special needs. We started with a pile of our own shoes and costumes and have watched dancers from all over the world from New York City to New Jersey to Minnesota and Ghana, Africa get into the spirit! To date, we have donated to over 60,000 dancers around the world and use our grant and GoFundMe money to pay for shipping when we can. Donors, dance manufactures and dance stores ship donations directly to us or we connect them locally with a dance program in need in their respective city or town and that’s when the #DancersHelpingDancers donation magic happens!


Capezio, Bloch, PrimaSoft, BodyWrappers, Gaynor Mindon, Zelle, AK Dancewear, Terez, LeSportSac and Norwegian Cruiseline and many, many others have been extremely generous and donate to us all the time!

Donate 2 Dance sisters share their love
of dance with those in need

This Best Friend Friday, dancing sisters Ava and Sophia Paley, ages 14 and 12, open up about starting Donate 2 Dance, an organization that collects attire for young dancers in need. Plus, Tiler Peck, a New York City Ballet dancer, stops by with a surprise.


Today Show May 3, 2019 


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Two Dance-Obsessed N.Y.C. Sisters Launch Charity to Help Aspiring Dancers in Need

Ava and Sophia Paley of the Upper West Side are "tapping it forward" to donate gently-used dance gear to those who need it most

By Sharon Kanter 


The donate 2 dance sisters

They have helped over 10,000 dancers all around the world get costumes and dance shoes. Now they tell us how a happy accident inspired them to tap it forward.

WNBC-NY (NBC) October 29, 2020 


donating dance gear for kids

In this episode of AV: Donating dance gear to kids who don't have dance clothes or dance shoes. We'll hear from one of the founders of donate2dance – 16-year-old Sophia Paley!

By Senator Bill Bradley


We Believe the Children Are the Future

By Sophia Paley July 26, 2023 

Chelsea Clinton.JPG

donate 2 dance helps dancers in need get on their feet with shoes, costumes

A local charity called Donate 2 Dance was born when a mom in Manhattan told her two daughters to clean out their closets.

By Sandy Kenyon NEW YORK CITY (WABC) December 16, 2021 


Donate2dance is the biggest donor of ballet slippers to BEBOLD

Misty Copeland's foundation

Teen Dancers Create Nonprofit That Donates Dance Clothes to Dancers Around the World

"It is the greatest feeling knowing that, every day, we are helping others."


By Ava And Sophia Paley December 17, 2019 








“Mom, my dance shoes are too tight, again!”
“And while we’re at it, let me guess, your dancewear too?”
“Yes, mom!”

And off to Capezio we went. Again. We are fortunate. Fortunate that we are sisters who were introduced to dance when we were each five years old. Fortunate that we can take lessons with really great teachers who have taught us to love dance. And fortunate that we could replace our shoes, dancewear and costumes when we needed to. And we needed to A LOT. Because we started to grow, and we kept on growing. And every time we grew, the pile of dance shoes in our closet grew too. And grew. What, we wondered, should we do with all of these shoes that still had a lot of dance left in them? We figured since we love dance so much, there must be other kids out there who love dance and who could probably use shoes and dancewear. So we created Donate2Dance with the idea of donating dance shoes, dancewear and costumes to underserved communities and dancers in need. We believe that this is really about dancers helping dancers! We brought the idea to our dance school, Shuffles Broadway Tap and Musical Theater School, and they partnered with us immediately and we joined forces with their “Shuffle It Forward” philanthropic initiative. After setting up our oversized, pink donation bins at Shuffles….we waited. And before we knew it, a week later our bin was overflowing with shoes and costumes! Since we started Donate2Dance, in Feb 2018, we have helped over 20,000 dancers around the world. We ship to over 250 dance schools in need and it is the best feeling knowing that there are dancers out there who now have shoes, dancewear and costumes! We truly believe that every child deserves the chance to dance! #DancersHelpingDancers


Thank you


Thank you


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to bring shoes, costumes and dancewear to dancers in need.
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