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We Believe the Children Are the Future

By Sophia Paley July 26, 2023 


The donate 2 dance sisters

They have helped over 7,500 dancers all around the world get costumes and dance shoes. Now they tell us how a happy accident inspired them to tap it forward.

WNBC-NY (NBC) October 29, 2020 


Teen Dancers Create Nonprofit That Donates Dance Clothes to Dancers Around the World

"It is the greatest feeling knowing that, every day, we are helping others."


By Ava And Sophia Paley December 17, 2019 


donate 2 dance helps dancers in need get on their feet with shoes, costumes

A local charity called Donate 2 Dance was born when a mom in Manhattan told her two daughters to clean out their closets.

By Sandy Kenyon NEW YORK CITY (WABC) December 16, 2021

Donate 2 Dance sisters share their love
of dance with those in need

This Best Friend Friday, dancing sisters Ava and Sophia Paley, ages 14 and 12, open up about starting Donate 2 Dance, an organization that collects attire for young dancers in need. Plus, Tiler Peck, a New York City Ballet dancer, stops by with a surprise.


Today Show May 3, 2019 

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Two Dance-Obsessed N.Y.C. Sisters Launch Charity to Help Aspiring Dancers in Need

Ava and Sophia Paley of the Upper West Side are "tapping it forward" to donate gently-used dance gear to those who need it most

By Sharon Kanter 


Donate 2 Dance: A Company That’s Making
A Real Shuffle Ball Change

Meet Ava and Sophia Paley; sisters, dancers, and successful entrepreneurs! Ava, 14 years old, and Sophia, 12 years old, are the proud founders of Donate 2 Dance, an organization that donates gently used dance costumes and shoes to dancers who can’t afford these items themselves. As dancers at SHUFFLES NYC, the sisters are talented tap dancers who have performed all types of dance ranging from jazz to hip hop. With more than 10 years of dance experience comes a lot of costumes and shoes. This realization the sisters had while cleaning out their closets served as their inspiration for Donate 2 Dance.


We taped a segment about Donate2Dance with blogger, Alexa Curtis, who hosts “Fearless Everyday” on Radio Disney


Teen-Run Non-Profit Donate2Dance Spreads Love one Shoe at a Time

“When we dance, we feel really happy.” This quote sums up sisters Ava and Sophia Paley and what they try to spread to the world with their work as dancers and philanthropists.

ByVeronica Good –  January 21, 2020

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 1.12.49 PM.png

Stories of kindness in action –
from the lens of today’s
most inspiring humans.

Podcast about philanthropic teens

By sincerelyhueman –  March, 2021



Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 8.56.06 AM.png

Meet Ava and Sophia Paley
Dancers who started


Thanks you Donate2Dance for the donations and this show of love. We are overwhelmed and we pray the good  Lord blesses you and makes you shine bright and brighter. We love you from De Virtue Worship Dancers in Nigeria


At Orlando Ballet our Community Enrichment programs focuses on the addressing the needs of the whole child. Donate2Dance has contributed tremendously in making every child in our STEPS program feel special. Your incredible contribution of dance wear levels the playing field.  There's no greater joy than to see  the sparkle in the students eyes when they receive they're Donate2Dance attire. Thank you Donate2Dance.

Charmaine Hunter

Director of Community Enrichment and Ballet Teacher

Donate2Dance has really helped us put our youngest dancers into tap shoes this summer. Imagine 70 new students getting tap for the first time! Thank you for making it possible!

Lynn Muller-Alisch

ACTE II Program Director & Performance Coordinator Rosie’s Theater Kids

The generosity and dedication of those at Donate2Dance exemplifies the power of a united community. Donations of dance shoes and costumes may seem like small gestures to some, but for Dancing Dreams it is an act of kindness that has resounding effects. The love and support that comes along with each  donation links us with the larger community and provides our dancers with the confidence and courage to perform onstage. We are so grateful to everyone at Donate2Dance for their hard work and are thrilled to have them as part of our Dancing Dreams family!

Joann Ferrara

Dancing Dreams Founder, Executive Director

It means so much to be able to have a pair of ballet slippers or jazz shoes when you have a passion for dance, yet don’t have the means to afford new shoes to practice or perform. Your generosity is a blessing!

Diane Dragone

Executive & Artistic Director, The Kennedy Dancers, Inc.

Donate2Dance has been so wonderful to us throughout the year! It is so much fun to receive our surprise packages full of awesome dancewear and costumes for our students on the autism spectrum. These two young girls are doing a great job of giving back. 

Thank you, thank you to Donate 2Dance! Ava & Sophia have given my students so much more than beautiful costumes & an abundance of dance shoes. They have given my students not only the opportunity to learn the art of dance but to become part of a team that instills school spirit, responsibility , confidence and friendships that they would not have had before our dance team was created. My students/dancers will carry these wonderful memories forever, and Ava & Sophia helped make this possible. Thank you again Donate 2Dance!❤️

Jessica Lopes

Special Education teacher\ Dance Team Director, The Benjamin Franklin Magnet School for Civic Leadership in Health and Science (P.S./I.S. 157)

Finding Donate2Dance was like waking up from a dream that would allow RYDE to not only provide affordable dance lesson to kids who may not otherwise have the means, but also provide dance wear, shoes, and dance accessories that they could be proud of. Well, my dream became a reality with Donate2Dance. When we started receiving shipments of beautiful costumes, dance shoes, tights, leotards, and dance bags....our families were so relieved, our dance students were super excited, and my heart was leaping for joy! Thank you, Donate2Dance for putting countless smiles on the faces of our students, our parents, and our community. We appreciate you all for showing our dance family the spirit of gratitude! 

Sherra Robinson, Founder 

Royal Youth Dance Ensemble (RYDE)

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Thanks to you, our dancers have been fitted with beautiful shoes this year. The expressions of joy on our dancers' faces after receiving a new pair of shoes are priceless.


We are extremely grateful for your continued support.

Laura Mangino

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